Thursday, January 26, 2006


2 and I were out for beers last night, chatting about life, trying to figure out Canadian politics (e.g., “When they say ‘conservative’, I think that’s what we call ‘liberal’. When they say ‘liberal’, that’s what we call “Commie scum descendents of draft-dodgers’.” Etc.)

Anyway, we decided to propose a new nation, better than all others, consisting of Northern New England and the Maritime provinces. I think it might be called Nova Mainewick or something like that.

It’s a damn fine idea. And in order to help turn it into a reality, we discussed means of physically linking the new cantons (as they will be called), and decided on a tunnel, under the Gulf of Maine. It will be lovingly called the Gulfel. I stayed up all night researching, and produced the folloing map:


Blogger Katinka said...

(Now if someone could only translate all this talk of Canadian politics into Australian for me...)

Kudos to SORF LLC. for the brilliant and efficient design of the Gulfel!

An aspiring engineer located along the US-Canada border tried something similar to that near here. Apparently he built a really top-knotch tunnel, only to find the border crossing authorities waiting for him on the other side...

But hey, if you're into World Domination - I'm in!

1/27/06, 12:48 AM  
Anonymous Johanna said...

When they say ‘liberal’, that’s what we call “Commie scum descendents of draft-dodgers’.” Etc.

It's the "etc." that I'd like to hear more about. Seeing as we go a bit further to the left than Liberal in our House of Commons, and I need to know, what is many miles to the left of commie scum...

Nice work on the Gulfel, it brings to mind missile defense shields and the re-routing of major Russian rivers to the Aral Sea in terms of both engineering feasibility and political cachet...

1/27/06, 7:42 AM  
Anonymous 2 said...

Gulfel construction, sign re-labelling, and new map production will be no-bid contracts, of course, awarded to bloggers in favor with SorF and SoE. Send your bid on the back of currency ($US or Canadian accepted) to Turboglacier or myself.

1/27/06, 9:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I love it when Americans speak about Canadian politics. It's such a rare occurance, I feel all surprised and special when I get to witness it. Almost like a falling star. The last time it happened, a group of fellows had ventured north from Seattle to "check out the scenery" in Vancouver, referred to Provinces as "Providences". We allowed him to keep speaking only because they were so good-looking.

After a few minute of listening to them try to impress us with their knowledge of our country, we decided that their looks did not outweigh their ignorance.

Next time they should choose to hit on girls who are not card carrying members of the Green Party. It's the canadian political party that you'll find three stars to the right of the commie scum descendents - straight on till morning :)



1/30/06, 7:27 PM  

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