Thursday, January 19, 2006

SorF Plays Canada

Dear Readers,

Hello! Today I learned how to discern the geographic location of you all, and how to tell how many of you have dropped by, and when. Miraculous! I feel as if a blindfold has been removed and I can see a bit of the world around me.

And, I had an immediate sense of gratitude to you (all three of you) for taking the time to read these pages. Or at least look at the pictures. Suddenly, I feel the desire to (as the young people say) "shout out" or "holla" to you all. Especially the Canadians! Why, I had no idea Shrink or Fade had such international appeal. Hello, Nova Scotia! Hello, Ontario! Hello, B.C.! Hello hello hello Medicine Hat, Alberta! What a country. How's the snow? Can I come play up there?

Also, I want to send a special thanks to the good people at the Smallish State BUREAU OF TAXATION, who evidently have been tapping in today. But listen, I'm not making any money here. I hope you don't feel the need to tax my blog. Really, that's just not nice.

Goodnight, blog nation!



Blogger Katinka said...

(By the way, the idea for map will be $2.50 + tax)

Thanks for writing such an entertaining blog! It also makes for great reading when I should be doing my dishes or going to bed...:P

1/19/06, 11:17 PM  

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