Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Urban Mountaineering II

Back to the P. Street Garage tonight for another round of imitation mountain-climbing. Managed to convince 2 to come for a couple laps, though she had to run off to church class. She took my photo near the summit:

And here’s 2 making her escape:

I got in a full 12 “garages” (roughly 4.4 Leaning Towers of Pisa) which provided a very adequate workout. There were some new additions to the game tonight. For a lap to count, I decided the mountaineer must reach the Summit Pole (see photo) and circumnavigate it in a counter-clockwise direction.

Very few people actually use the stairs. After an hour or so, right at head-home-from-work time, I think I’d only passed two other people on the stairs. Perhaps this explains why 23% of the population of this Smallish State is obese.

Many curiosities draw the eye within the parking garage. For example, on one level, there is a walkway and door connecting the garage to an adjacent office building. Evidently, this spot is a favorite dumping-ground for the pigeons. Some humans have tried to frighten off the pigeons by placing phony owls on either side of the walk (I’m just piecing this together). The pigeons seem to make two lines of “business”, keeping a safe distance from the owls. But why they don’t form one line in the center, equidistant from both owls, is perplexing. Perhaps there are some ornithologists among my reader(s) who can shed some light?

Many thanks to Bulos Property Management for not noticing the strange guy running up and down their stairs.


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