Thursday, January 26, 2006

Best Service Awards

I’ve been thinking about the varying treatment I’ve received lately from different companies, shops, and corporations. Herein is my completely subjective, personal listing of my Best Service awards for 2005. I did also make up a “Worst Service” list, but for the moment am withholding it, until I weigh the possible retaliatory repercussions. (I am quite happy to send it out privately, though.)

For now, though, The Best Of 2005 (in no special order):

1) N. Fuel Co., Smallish City [Not only do they keep track of my travel plans for oil delivery, they write “Have a nice trip, T.G.!” on my invoice when I’m going away.]

2) U.S. Post Office, Smallish City, Main Office [Helpful, always cheerful, despite appearing incessantly overworked.]

3) AutoZone auto parts stores [Employees of two different stores were very helpful after my bad experience with a member of the “Worst Of” list.]

4) Metropolitan Insurance Company [Have had insurance with them for 21 years, never anything but helpful. This year they quickly paid for a claim when a rental car was vandalized.]

5) Protection Division, Capitol Reef National Park, UT [Cheerful and astonishingly thorough assistance following above-noted rental car incident within the park.]

6) B. Street Veterinary Clinic, Smallish City: [Have been faithfully keeping 9 alive and happy this year, despite serious illness.]

7) Opticus, Inc., Superior CO. [Provided very personalized service in making T.G. some prescription glacier glasses, and in getting them to me extra-fast for a trip.]

8) B. B. Auto, Smallish City [Did what was needed, but not more, to keep my decrepit VW running through 2005.]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have to laugh... kudos to you for acknowledging people who have done right by you, but sometimes a mostly-anonymous blog just doesn't cut it for certain ideas. Your acknowledgements are so unspecific that they're basically meaningless - maybe your local friends will be able to guess who you're happy with, but as for the rest of us - well, we're totally in the dark. :)

Mostly I laugh because I did something very similar on my own blog recently, thanking "T" for help with a moving issue. Of course I have more than one friend with that first initial, which lead to predictable confusion from all sides. Alas, blogs just can't do everything.

1/26/06, 12:37 PM  
Blogger Turboglacier said...

Valid points, although I must point out the irony of an anonymous commenter critiquing the lack of specificity in the awards.

I did consider including full names for the local businesses, but this butted against my efforts to keep the Smallish City at least nominally mythical and unidentified. All those business names, if Googled, would immediately identify the Smallish City. In my line of work, being easily tracked down is not so desirable, and I consider it prudent to have at least a few hurdles in the path. That said, if any locals need a vet, car mechanic, or heating-oil company, please drop a line for recommendations…

Also, I was horribly remiss in neglecting to thank The Agency, Inc. for all its help in the past year. From emergency roofing assistance, to airport shuttle service, to dinner preparation, to automotive consultation—The Agency, Inc. really helped out. Thanks!

1/26/06, 1:57 PM  
Blogger girl MD said...

by agency, i'm assuming you are referring to the illustrious agents 1, 517, 2, 3, 777, 9, etc?

1/26/06, 10:58 PM  
Blogger Katinka said...

I don't blame you for wanting to preserve your anonymity...that's the same reason I put up with the 7 hours/week commute to and from work!

1/29/06, 4:24 PM  

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