Saturday, January 21, 2006

This one's too warm... This one's too cold...

Another twelve garages worth of urban mountaineering last night. Then I left the Smallish City to come visit 777 in the Very Small Village, arriving in the wee morning hours. Lead Dog and I had tentative plans to scale Mt. Washington today, but postponed due to the weather forecast for freezing rain.

It’s dank and soggy here. The “January Thaw” is a New England inevitability, really only remarkable if it fails to materialize, but this year’s has lingered much too long. We’ve had three big rainstorms, counting today’s, and temperatures up towards 50F. There’s not a speck of snow left in the Smallish City, and only forlorn icy crusts in the Very Small Village. It’s truly depressing.

There are neither parking garages nor mountains in the Very Small Village, so this morning I resorted to climbing up & down a large gravel dam operated by the Army Corps of Engineers. A sign nearby indicated “SECURITY ALERT LEVEL: ALPHA +”. Not sure what that means. It probably should mean that unauthorized persons seen climbing around on the face of the dam should be shot on sight. But I didn’t have any run-ins.

Tomorrow, we’re tentatively on for the climb again. There’s a cold front barreling down tonight (thanks, Canadian friends!) which will bring a deep freeze, sun, and high winds. But this may be TOO cold. The summit wind chill forecast for mid-day tomorrow is 35 below zero. Lead Dog and I explicitly recognized with each other the likelihood that we won’t go much past treeline tomorrow. It’ll beat the garage, though.

Excuse me, I hear the opening strains of “Sex in the City” in the background—I need to go intervene.


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