Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Deflation Warning

A medium latté downstairs from my office has been $3.00 since I moved my practice here two years ago. I liked the evenness of the price. I could go down with three one dollar bills and get a latté. No pesky change to deal with. I knew some day the price would increase, and I'd have to go down with four bills and come back with a quarter-pound of annoying coins.

But yesterday, they told me the price had dropped to $2.94. What the? For reals?

I suggest: Sell your stocks. Sell your gold. Sell your house. Sell every tangible thing you can. Put it all in cash. Housing prices dropping might've been an isolated event; but when coffee prices drop, too, you know deflation is coming.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Economists say that in deflationary times the best investment is aluminum.

11/18/09, 7:12 PM  
Blogger voyagerllc said...

I literally laughed out loud for over a minute on this one. A true knee slapper!!

12/11/09, 12:10 AM  

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