Thursday, November 12, 2009

Take The Quiz!

Take the I-Just-Moved Competition Quiz, and see how you rank against others!

[ ] All of my boxes are unpacked or moved in proper storage locations
[ ] I have cooked at home at least one of the past two nights
[ ] I know where my toothbrush is
[ ] The bank knows my new address
[ ] The DMV knows my new address
[ ] I am registered to vote in my new location
[ ] I have keys for all the locks on my house, and I know which lock every new key goes to.
[ ] I did not almost trip over an unknown object and nearly kill myself in the dark last night trying to get into bed.
[ ] I have finished enough of the items on the first back-of-an-envelope to-do list I made to warrant making a new list on the back of a new envelope.
[ ] I have actually calmed down enough to take a walk around my new neighborhood.
[ ] I know where the hot water heater, circuit breaker box, and furnace (if any) are.
[ ] The hot water heater, circuit breaker box, and furnace are all working fine.
[ ] If someone visits and needs a needle and thread, a band-aid, and a box of tissues, I could find these all within five minutes.

Now just add up the number of checked boxes. Add to that 1/2 point for each new neighbor you have met. Multiply by 10. Divide the result by the number of nights you have been at your new address. What is your score?!?

0-5: You are an utter failure! You should never move again. You should never have moved in the first place. Worse than amateur.
6-10: You are basically no good at this. You should consider living in an RV for the rest of your life.
11-15: You are below average, but you will probably live through it. Next time, make some sort of plan.
16-20: You are mediocre. No one will mistake you for a professional, but there will probably be no long-term psychological damage.
21-25: You are doing above-average. You might even fool someone, such as your dog, into thinking you have been at your place several days longer than your really have.
26-30: You are an excellent mover. In fact, it's kind of suspicious. Possibly, you were actually "moving" into a house you already sort of lived in, such as a boyfriend's or your own summer place.
30 and above: You didn't move. You just thought you did. You're really in the same place you were before.


Blogger hilllady said...

Jesus, I've been in my house for three and a half weeks and I'm still only scoring "below average"? Way to crush my sense of accomplishment, man!

11/12/09, 1:46 PM  
Blogger hilllady said...

Oooh, and when I actually read your post and do the mathematical gymnastics, I come out much worse! Yet we've managed to get up on the roof and clean the chimney! And figured out who's plowing our driveway! And since when do you need to tell the DMV everything right away anyway? They'll find you! And we've had GUESTS. That should count for something! (okay, I am too easily riled up here. Stepping away from the computer for some air.)

11/12/09, 1:52 PM  
Blogger The Girl said...

That is great!

I deem it a successful move if I have put enough things into a suitcase and a couple of bags to live out of for a few months and slowly unpack over the coming year.
We never have a house-warming less than 6 months after moving. :P

11/15/09, 4:26 AM  
Blogger Weeble said...

Approximately 1.4. Horrible I know... But but I'm getting new furniture delivered tomorrow. Does that help?

11/23/09, 11:43 PM  

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