Saturday, February 09, 2008

Update On TurboFizz (2.0)

I've completed the modifications routing the CO2 hose into the cabinet under the kitchen sink, with appropriate extra valves. Fizzy water can now be produced in full view of astonished dinner guests.

I tried making tonic water. It was horrid. If anyone else would like to have a go at it, I have 0.98 lbs of quinine bark that you can have.

Some people have asked whether the CO2 released by my developing fizzy habit might be contributing to global CO2 emissions (rather than reducing them, which was part of the goal behind not drinking fizzy water trucked from elsewhere.) Well, technically, I suppose it is. But it's a trivial amount. My 15lb tank of CO2 should keep me in fizzy water for at least a year or two. Meanwhile, every gallon of gas through the car puts out about 20lbs of CO2. In fact, just being a living human being contributes about 15lbs every 10 days. And cows put out a lot more-- so avoiding red meat is probably more important than avoiding fizzy water.


Blogger Eric, AKA The Pragmatic Caregiver said...

OK, what was wrong with the tonic water? "Horrible" isn't much to go on, but given that *good* tonic water is so much better than the bottled crap, I'd like to help.

What did you do, how did you do it?

2/10/08, 2:47 AM  
Blogger Turboglacier said...

Eric: Well, I followed the general advice in Parts I & II of this guy's description. I had trouble finding any actual recipes other than this one from the Washington Post, so I used the general proportions advised there. The stuff wound up being very bitter, medicinal, with a worsening aftertaste. Perhaps you have a better recipe or method?

2/10/08, 10:10 AM  
Anonymous Agent 2 said...

I would like to testify that I tasted my first bottle of TurboFizz yesterday, and it was terrific. There was a satisfyingly high amount of fizz in the water, and when I recapped the bottle and set it aside for an hour, there was a surprising and very satisfying "fsssst" upon second opening of the bottle, and the fizz level was almost undiminished. Long lasting, tasty.

Can't wait for weekly delivery to begin. The empty bottles will be waiting on the doorstep.

2/11/08, 11:31 AM  

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