Monday, February 04, 2008

To The Person Who Rifled Through My Car Last Night

I appreciate that you:
1) Didn't make as much of a mess as the last guy who rifled through my car at night.
2) Didn't steal the radio that I spent many hours installing.
3) Didn't steal my collection of ski waxes, which was the most valuable thing in the car.
4) Took away all the pennies that had accumulated in the ashtray, especially the pile of Canadian ones.

I feel sort of neutral that you:
1) Stole the rest of my highway toll change, amounting to about $2.00

I am seriously pissed off that you:
1) Took all the little screws and plastic fasteners that were mixed in with the spare change, and which I need to put certain parts of of my car back together when I finish the projects I'm working on.
2) Left my car stinking of cigarette smoke. For this I'd like to smack you a good one.

Fourth time my car has been vandalized in the Smallish City. Maybe it's time for me to move out to the suburbs, like every other doctor I know.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

UGH!!!!! I would feel so violated!

2/4/08, 11:45 PM  
Blogger NeoNurseChic said...

:( I'm really sorry to hear this! I was devastated when my sideview mirror was clearly smashed on purpose (none of the rest of the car was harmed, so someone clearly went right for the mirror), but I've never even had the inside of my car gone through - knock on wood. Sorry this happened to you! Between this and the ATM story I just read of yours, it sounds like you're having kind of a rough time at the moment! May you catch a break soon!

Take care,
Carrie :)

2/6/08, 1:33 AM  

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