Monday, February 04, 2008

So Not My Week

Ack. Tonight I deposited some checks at the ATM, withdrew $80 cash, took my card, gathered up my receipts and made some notes on them, and then somehow walked off with taking the money. I realized this about forty-five minutes later when I noticed no twenties in my wallet. Of course I went back to the ATM (what else are you going to do?) but of course there was no sign of my money. Sigh.

This is another interesting "judgment exercise". What would you do if you went up to an ATM, after the bank closed, and found $80 sticking out of it? I've given it some thought tonight, and have come up with the following options. I'm ranking them in order of ethics, from lowest to highest:

1) Take the money and run.
2) Take some of the money, leave the rest.
3) Leave the money right where it it.
4) Move the money to somewhere else in the ATM cubicle where it is not in plain sight, but where a person returning to look for it might find it.
5) Put the money in an envelope with an explanatory note and slide it under the bank door.
6) Take the money, but leave a note saying, "If you lost something here the night of Feb. 4, I have it-- please call and describe."
7) Take the money, and bring it back to the bank in the morning.

In addition, the absolutely most saintly thing to do would be to take the money and wait by the ATM for a while, to see if anyone came back looking for something.

I'm afraid that (1) is most likely what has happened. If so, may you rot inside the carcass of a dead buzzard in the afterlife, you scoundrel! Preferably alongside the guy who smoked up my car last night. I'm still holding out for the possibility of (7), but it seems a long shot.


Blogger GirlTuesday said...

dude. you're having the week i had two weeks ago.

2/4/08, 11:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gosh Gosh Gosh....
I am sorry, cold hard cash? Yikes, I am a poor grad student...hmf I would take it. If someone left the ATM card? I would drop in the banks deposit box.

If I saw money and people walking out....I would run to them with their money.

But With little ways of returning it? Sorry!

2/4/08, 11:44 PM  
Blogger Turboglacier said...

Update: Went to the bank to discuss with them this morning. Would you believe that if you don't take your money out of the ATM after a short period of time (they weren't sure, but thought about 60 seconds) the machine SUCKS YOUR MONEY BACK IN and credits your account?! Unbelievable! I got my $80 back. I feel better.

But why am I left with this lingering feeling that I ruined a poor grad student's day?

2/5/08, 11:39 AM  
Blogger NeoNurseChic said...

Aww glad you got your money back! Sounds like your week has been a little rough!

2/6/08, 1:34 AM  

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