Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Interesting Sights On My Walk To Work, Part I

Sight: A man walking down the sidewalk, repeatedly looking back over his shoulder and giving "the finger" to no one in particular, while loudly singing the following ditty: "Fuck you! And fuck your Cha-nu-kah! Fuck you! And fuck your Cha-nu-kah!" (I wish I could add little musical-note symbols to the text here, to indicate that his a capella performance was really quite melodic.) I had this little song stuck in my head the rest of the way to work, but luckily the bell-ringing has driven it out.

Happy (belated) Chanukah to all!


Blogger Rach said...

That's the bitterness that comes with a holiday that's 8 days long. The only other holiday that has that kind of suffering is passover, but the suffering comes in the form of constipation.

(No, I'm not bitter)

12/12/07, 6:04 PM  

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