Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ringing In My Ears

I like to think that I'm as charitable as the next thrifty yankee, but this morning I am starting to feel distinctly Scrooge-y. This because a woman has been standing outside my office window all morning, incessantly ringing a bell, to solicit charitable contributions.
You would be amazed at her stamina, and also at just how mind-frazzlingly loud this little bell is. It pretty much sounds like my pager has been going off continuously for the past two hours. I am thinking of going out at lunch and offering her a $50 donation to move over outside Girltuesday's law office instead... where they have the big indemnifying sidewalk signs that say "DANGER: FALLING ICE - PASS AT YOUR OWN RISK" (just like a bunch of lawyers, huh?)

Oh, she stopped for a moment! But is was just to switch hands... aieeee... my head...


Anonymous girltues said...

actually, that would be lovely, tg. send her over. it would be the icing on my cake this week.

12/12/07, 12:15 PM  

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