Thursday, November 01, 2007

All Fingers

Through minor accidents over the past several days I have injured the tips of both of my thumbs. The first incident was a freak accident involving the foil top on a wine bottle; it had a sharp edge and sliced open my right thumb razor-style. The left thumb suffered a similar insult two days later, the culprit this time being a bare edge of sheet metal while trying to install some new speakers in the non-Turbomobile. Now it's extremely painful to do simple tasks like opening my laptop or using chopsticks, and as much as possible I am avoiding use of my thumbs-- which makes daily activities rather more challenging. I don't know who came up with the phrase "all thumbs" to describe a clumsy person, but "no thumbs" would be just as appropriate.

In other news, I am thrown into a minor state of panic by the knowledge that a crew of workers will be invading the Turbopalace tomorrow morning to begin refinishing the hardwood floors. I've been putting off this project for five years, I think with good reason, but now there is no turning back. I'll be sleeping over at 518's for a few days, if you're looking for me.


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