Sunday, May 21, 2006


This afternoon I finally set out on a systematic, empirical investigation of the source of the roof leak. This is not unlike locating the source of the Nile, and may take as long (actually, I understand they still haven't quite decided on that.) This project involves using a garden sprinkler to spray different areas of the roof until I find one that produces water through the bathroom ceiling.

Makes perfect sense to me. But here's what the neighbors saw: "This afternoon, the first in two weeks that could be described as sunny and dry, Dr. Turbo was observed to climb up a ladder to his roof. He carried a backpack and pulled along a garden house. Fifteen minutes later he returned to ground level. Shortly thereafter, it began to rain on his backyard, but no one else's. Torrents of water came flowing off his roof flooding his just-barely-dried-out deck and driveway. Half an hour later, he's still making it rain on his own house. He, surely, is a total wingnut."

I did my best to prevent any rain from impinging on my neighbors' properties, but the quarters are tight here in the Smallish City. Moreover, I fretted about the psychological impact this project may have on my abutters. After two weeks of rain, seeing this artificial deluge could really distress someone.

But the fretting was pointless and the project itself has stalled. Because an hour after I turned on the hose, it started raining again. Sigh.


Anonymous Adrift At Sea said...

If they didn't think you were crazy before...they definitely do NOW.

5/22/06, 1:12 AM  

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