Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Waiting For Something to Happen

Sneaked out at 2:45 a.m., feeling like a runaway as I tried not to awaken the housemates. Drove through cold, deserted streets to the Smallish City bus terminal, boarded a Trailways bound for the Major Metropolitan Area. Dawn flight to the Tropical Hub, transfer to island time and inexplicably delayed puddle-jumper to Tropical Paradise 1. Met by Mommaglacier in the hot sun and now sitting under a palm contemplating what’s next.

Gossip abounds at the Not Quite Retirement Area. Someone-or-other is getting married tomorrow; the bride and groom apparently forgot to book a room for themselves. As I had neglected to book a wedding for myself, which would’ve trumped their urgent claim, my room was given away to them for a night. Will sleep on MommaG’s sofa. Someone else went to the casino, did not win big. Card tricks are big this year. The promised granite countertops still have not arrived; they allegedly “cracked in transit.” Prompted discussion about two refrigerators which allegedly “fell overboard” in transit before a third finally arrived. Management still has not provided a deed; there is a “sort of deed” they typed up on the office typewriter. One of the Sunfish disappeared; no one knows where to. It’s “two-for-one” entrée night at the restaurant, AND there are coupons for two free well drinks with dinner, maximum one per person, but beer cannot count as a well drink. In elaborate scheme worked out long before my arrival, MommaG and PoppaG share one entrée, TurboG gets his own for free. Explanation to MommaG and PoppaG, who are teetotalers, about the difference between “well” and “top shelf”. Discussion about A., the cab driver, and whether his sudden ever-presence in the parking lot means he is dating H., the reception clerk. And so forth. Off to look for adventure.

Found an excellent steep stretch of road for Tropical Mountaineering fitness regimen.

MommaG, PoppaG, and friends on walk.


Anonymous Adrift at Sea said...

But did you remember to bring the maple syrup???

2/8/06, 12:21 PM  
Blogger Katinka said...

The closeups of the plants are incredible!!

2/8/06, 1:14 PM  
Anonymous girltuesday said...


as nice as the "tropical" part sounds, "tropical mountaineering" doesn't present the same appeal. (at least the concept is lost on your neighbour in slightly smaller city where it is a balmy 24 (f)degrees outside.)

i know winter has been a drag so far, just don't forget to come back. we'll arrange some snow in your absence as incentive.


2/8/06, 2:45 PM  

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