Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The seed doesn't fall far from the sugar maple

My maple syrup supplementation regimen is working fairly well, though some days I forget. When I forget, I just double the dose the next morning, which is what the FDA advises.

Just received a brief email from Momma Glacier and Poppa Glacier, down on Tropical Island. "When you come", it says, "please bring maple syrup. At least 8oz. We can't get the real thing here."

Poor exiled souls. There are good reasons to stay in the Smallish State all winter.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


An observational note regarding the maple syrup. a fellow head-fixer-upper (HFU) friend of mine did "the masters cleanse" last year. It involves living off of lemonade and maple syrup. I can't help but think of that when you mention it.

Said friend could not consume anything maple related for months.

I like your way better. Maple syrup should never be shunned.


2/1/06, 12:10 AM  

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