Monday, January 30, 2006

Ten things I could and probably should do tonight, but haven’t yet, and probably won’t:

1) Make a spreadsheet for the finances of my two-unit condo association (I am President and Treasurer, lucky me.)
2) Practice guitar
3) Go urban mountaineering
4) Do minor surgery on 9’s ear, where he got wounded by The Enemy.
5) Read the Sunday Times that 777 left here.
6) Clean out the linen closet so my new roommate (one of two) will have some more space.
7) Review, again, the provisioning list for the next sail expedition.
8) Call mom, just to see if it’s still warm down in the islands.
9) Take the VW over to coin-op car vacuum place, and/or put a bullet through its brain.
10) Read ten pages of Thoreau’s journals.


Blogger Katinka said...

Regarding items:

4)I think this deserves a post.

7)& 8) I object.This is blatently cruel to your loyal readers.

9)...he's too young to die!

1/31/06, 4:28 AM  
Anonymous girltuesday said...

#3: did you go? did it really help for Mt. Wash trip? i ask as i look out at the desparate lack of snow here and to the five-story parking garage across the street from my eighth floor window . . . .

1/31/06, 8:36 AM  
Blogger Tillerman said...

I find the best thing to do when faced with too many things to do is to write a post to my blog about all the things I have to do. That way, at least I've done something.

1/31/06, 5:26 PM  
Blogger Turboglacier said...

Katinka- You can't object. This is not a courtroom.

GirlTue- I didn't go, but I'm going tonight for sure. It definitely helped on Mt. W. Now, if I could only get my hands on a hypoxicator, I'd be all set for training...

1/31/06, 7:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


as a shrink, you must know the damage that using the word "should" in your internal dialogue can cause. i defer to marshall rosenberg:

"Any time someone hears, “should” or “have to” it depletes and drains the relationship. You can say to another person, “You have to. You don't have any choice.” But in fact, human beings never do anything they don't choose to do. It is misleading, but what is worse is that it takes the joy out of giving."

choose to give joyfully to yourself.


1/31/06, 11:59 PM  
Blogger Katinka said...

(Can I atleast consult my lawyer?)

2/1/06, 1:57 AM  

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