Thursday, February 09, 2006

In No Particular Order

Yes, the maple syrup arrived intact, untapped, and untaxed.

A family of mongooses resides under my bathtub. The noise, at night, sounds like electronic equipment gone haywire.

I am reading Babbitt. I agree with the back-cover blurb—this book is a masterpiece of modern satire. Favorite sentence of the first 50 pages: “Babbitt’s preparations for leaving the office to its feeble self during the hour and a half of his lunch-period were somewhat less elaborate than the plans for a general European war.”

The mother of the bride (see “Waiting For Something To Happen”, op. cit.) fell and broke her clavicle yesterday. It is unclear whether the wedding will go ahead or not. Regardless, the bride and groom will take over my hut tonight. I’m not sure they will enjoy the mongoose concert.

It must be difficult to write polysyllabic lyrics for songs in 2/4 time. I had a good example of this task well done, something I listened to on the iPod before drifting off to sleep, but now I can’t recall it.

I just discovered that a pair of shorts I bought last summer has the phrase “NEVER STOP EXPLORING” stitched inside the fly. Everyone should own a pair of these, and I should wear mine more often.

The hot water ended yesterday. Not sure the bride and groom will enjoy that, either. I suspect the mongooses may have been chewing on the wires to the water heater.

MommaGlacier and I hiked yesterday to an almost-deserted beach at the easternmost end of Tropical Paradise 1. I say almost deserted because, in addition to us, a very tan man was sitting on the sand in the lotus position. He was well-camouflaged and startled me with a loud “Om” before I saw him. It is unusual to be startled by meditation. Also, this pooch followed us all the way to the beach and back. Turboglacier is not much of a “dog person”, but, ironically virtually all dogs are “Turboglacier dogs”.

[Sorry, there were supposed to be photos-- but that feature does not seem to be working today.]


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