Friday, December 30, 2005

Busy Week at Green Acres

Foof. What a hectic week. So much to blog about, so little time. The nine minutes I have between crises right now allows no actual post, only a list of the posts I intended to do this week:

1) A rant against Jiffy Lube (summary: criminals).
2) An exploration of competency to refuse treatment, and a bizarre series of legal hearings on the matter (summary: Our Small State is severely messed up).
3) An existential post about the hole in my roof, interwoven with lyrics from the Beatles' "Fixing a Hole" (summary: pleeeeaze, does anyone know a decent roofer in the Smallish City?)
4) A discussion of what's going on here at the Facility, which I think I'll start refering to as Green Acres (summary: body fluids. And solids.)

Cast your vote for one of the above, I might actually get around to writing one.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

definitely (solid) body fluids at green acres...sounds very intriguing. and slightly disgusting, given the known few options that that describes.

1/3/06, 7:00 PM  
Anonymous hilllady said...

Roof holes are great fodder for existential puzzlings--there should be more songs about them. Sorry I can't help you find a roofer.

1/3/06, 9:34 PM  

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