Monday, December 26, 2005

Sex and the Smallish City

My dear friend 2 was over here just now, eating Thai food. We were having a lovely visit. But she had her watch on the table with the "countdown" function running. "In case you're wondering why I have the watch on the table with the countdown function running", she said, "it's because I left a candle burning at home and have to remember not to stay too long or my house will burn down." Shortly thereafter she departed.

Subsequently, I have come to suspect that "I left a candle burning at home" is girl-code for "I have to make sure I leave in time to watch two more episodes of Sex and the City before bed." In fact, I suspect that the whole "I left a candle burning..." charade itself may have been developed in a SATC episode.

Can anyone confirm or deny?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i have viewed all sex and the city episodes. no such conspiracy exists.

1/3/06, 6:54 PM  

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