Wednesday, December 02, 2009


All I want for Christmas. I'll probably lose my two front teeth, so that's what I'll be asking for next year. Thanks Santa!

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Slight Dilemma of the Burbs

Since the recent move, I now find myself in a situation where going to Wal-Mart for a needed item (say, a piece of rope) is a 1.5 mile round-trip drive (or scoot, or bike, or walk), while going to the nearest independent-ish hardware merchant for the same thing involves 10 miles round-trip. Which is the better choice?


December 1st, and still no snow-- so still commuting by scooter from the New Suburban House to the office! Today was the first below-freezing commute (29ยบ when I left) but it was sunny and fairly pleasant.

Here's a fabulous fact I learned recently: if you're using those disposable iron-filings-with-charcoal hand warmer packs, and you only need them for a short period (say, four miles of scootering), you can seal them up in a ziploc afterwards and they abort their heating process until you re-open! This is great. One set of hand warmers can last a week of commuting this way!