Thursday, June 25, 2009

Trail Name?

I'm sure everyone has heard by now of South Carolina Governor Sanford's disappearance, how he reportedly was out solo-hiking on the Appalachian Trail, but turned out in fact to have flown to Argentina to perpetuate an extramarital affair.

It doesn't really bother me much, his affair. It amuses me, since he comes from the political party that is so affixed to "family values" and attempted to impeach Bill Clinton for being morally corrupt. In comparison to the carryings-on of various foreign politicians, a little tryst in South America well out of the public's eye seems downright trivial.

What irks me, though, is that he used solo hiking on the A.T. as his cover story. I thought it was really cool that he was doing that. I thought, this Governor Sanford, he's my kind of guy-- getting outdoors without his Blackberry, soaking in some natural beauty, probably meeting some interesting people on the trail. But he wasn't. Dorkhead.

As you may know, there is a long tradition of A.T. hikers adopting pseudonyms known as "trail names" along their trek. Often these are bestowed or suggested by others based on observed traits or behaviors. One friend, for example, was dubbed "Librarian" by fellow hikers because she carried so many guidebooks at the start of her through-hike. So I think it fitting that Gov. Sanford should be given a trail name reflective of his behaviors while "on the trail". Any suggestions?


Blogger brushfiremedia said...

Turbo, you should have known he wasn't really doing those cool things: he's a republican!

6/25/09, 10:00 PM  

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