Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mandatory McMansions

I was browsing a real estate website and came across a listing for a two-acre piece of land near the shore a bit south of here. It was described as "attractive, well-wooded, on a private road, and close to the beach." The photo was appealing:The land is not cheap, of course. But I thought to myself, well, you could buy that nice spot of land, but build just a very small, inexpensive house there. Like maybe a Tumbleweed Tiny House.

But as I read further, I found this would not be allowed. There is some sort of homeowner's association which stipulates "minimum home size of 3,000 sq.ft." No joke-- if the house you're planning to build isn't sufficiently monstrous, the neighbors will block it.

I wonder, if I built a 200 sq.ft. house with a 2,800 sq.ft. deck, would that suffice?


Blogger Johanna said...

Seriously? Wow. I guess they don't make trailers >3000 sq ft... would they let you do cumulative 3000 sq ft - say, 1200 in a house, 200 in a garage, and then a series of bunkies for all your many new friends and Canadian visitors? Make them, oh, 150 square feet each, put up several. Add outhousea at 9 square feet... :) And then, if you are still short, buy a trailer, stick it right on the property line. Oh, perhaps one on each side...

6/18/09, 1:04 PM  
Anonymous Valerie said...

Hmmm, can you buy the land and NOT build a house on it? Build a Tumbleweed on a trailer, (so not technically a house, and not subject to zoning or building codes), and there you have it! Maybe you could pretend you were going to build a huge house, and get the utility lines so you can plug in your Tumbleweed. Unless you want to be off the grid, etc.

6/19/09, 11:30 AM  
Anonymous Turbomom said...

Buy the land and put a tent on it--or several tents and a screen house.

6/19/09, 5:25 PM  
Anonymous girltuesday said...

lemme take a look at the ccr's. maybe there's a loophole.

6/21/09, 11:38 PM  
Anonymous wife of college roommate who forgot his designation :) said...

Or perhaps a small house and a really, really, really large garage - that would be a dream residence for someone we both know. :)

6/23/09, 11:05 AM  
Blogger craftosaurus said...

I don't know if you were looking at real estate listings purposefully or fancifully, but I figure it can't hurt to say:

*cough* *cough*

More than 200 sq ft, but much, much less than a McMansion. :)

6/24/09, 8:04 AM  

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