Tuesday, December 23, 2008


So this was kind of funny.

My Little Brother and I had made a plan to bake gingerbread men (a downsized project from making a gingerbread house, which I knew would require vastly too long an attention span.) At the largest supermarket in town a few days ahead, I thought I'd look for some cookie-cutters. Surely Largest Supermarket would have some sort of cheap gingerbread-man-shaped cookie cutter at this season. But I could not find them. In fact, I could not find any cookie cutters whatsoever. I looked in the Baking aisle, next to the sugary sprinkles. I looked in Kitchenwares/Gadgets, next to the cookie sheets. I looked in Seasonal, next to the red and green frostings. I even checked these places twice. No luck. The utter lack of cookie-cutters, or even an empty space where they should be, was so peculiar to me that I figured my own thinking must be off. I stopped in a quiet aisle to ponder. I hadn't looked for cookie-cutters in decades. Perhaps things had changed. But people must still make cookies at Christmas. How? Then it hit me: pre-made cookie dough in a tube. Yessss. I went and found it. And that's where the cookie cutters were. In the refrigerated ready-to-bake-items section.

Only, they didn't have a gingerbread man (what is this world coming to?), just some stupid plastic Santa things. So I went to a local kitchen store and found five sizes of gingerbread man cutters, along with the Smallish State shaped cutter.

Anyway, I'd been so obsessed with finding cookie cutters at the grocery that I forgot some of the cookie ingredients. So after I picked up Little Brother on baking day, we went back to the store. As a game, I had him help me track down the things we needed (flour, molasses, brown sugar). LB also suggested mini-M&M's for decoration, so we took a bag of those. Then we went through our basket checking off the ingredients. "Okay, looks like we're all set", I said. "Anything else you think we need?" LB looked at me like he thought I was pulling his leg (which I often do) and said, "Don't we need some cookie dough?"

I guess I shouldn't be shocked that kids born since the 1980's would not know that there was another, "old-fashioned" way to make cookies. As we walked to the car I explained it to him, feeling like a relic telling tales of "the olden days". He was pretty intrigued by the whole idea, though, and rather enjoyed throwing the flour all around the kitchen.

I bought him a chef hat for Christmas.


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