Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Foreign Travel

I haven't left the country in a long time, but yesterday I went shopping at a local Chinese market, which was almost as much fun. I found many exciting and useful items, such as elusive black sesame seeds, and one-pound bags of dried lily buds (for hot-and-sour soup.) I was tempted by many other products, such as the packaged "White Fungus Dessert", the vacuum-sealed frozen "Big Gluten Balls", the "Pig Fat Snack", and the eminently useful "All-Purpose Prickly Sauce".

Here's some of what I came home with.
I am fairly certain the bag at top center is dried wood-ear mushrooms. That's certainly what it looks like. However, it is identified as "Vegetarian Snack". If you read closer, you find that the ingredients of "Vegetarian Snack" are... well... "Vegetarian Snack".

2 came over for dinner last night. She tried the Snack (straight up out of the bag) and does not recommend it.


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