Sunday, November 02, 2008

The Past 36 Hours

In the past 36 hours, here in the Smallish State:

- Poked around the cellar of a 19th century house under renovation and admired the foundation of mortarless stone.
- Went to a salvage place and bought an old door with glass panes to put in my kitchen doorway, even though it's too big, and then spent quite a while thinking about how this is going to work.
- Saw a bald eagle in a tree by a cow pasture.
- Ate leftover apple pie sitting on the grass in the autumn sun while throwing a stick for a dog.
- Learned how to shoot a .22 and found that I'm actually a tolerably good shot, considering.
- Watched remarkable mini-seiches forming on some long, perfectly-oriented mud puddles along a dirt road in a stiff wind.
= Paddled an old canoe up a twisty creek and talked to deer hunters.
- Made a fire.
- Saw wild turkeys.


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