Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Must Be A "Blue" State

I went over to Smallish City Hall with Girltuesday yesterday at lunchtime, to do early voting and avoid the lines and general hassle of election day (which is next Tuesday, foreign readers.) However, there was quite a long line even for the early voting-- apparently there are indications of record turnout for this election (i.e., possibly at least 40% of eligible voters will vote.)

Part way along the hall the line was snaking through, the city clerk's office had posted a computer-printed sign reading "WE DESPERATELY NEED REPUBLICANS TO WORK AT THE POLLS ON ELECTION DAY. PLEASE ALERT CLERK IF YOU ARE AVAILABLE."

Girltues and I had a good laugh at this. Is it a trick? What do they do if you alert the clerk that you're a Republican? Rip up your ballot after you leave? Or perhaps they take you straight out back to the firing squad?

Anyway, it almost seems like a place where they are "desperately" trying to locate just a few Republicans is probably a place where we could just give the campaign to the Democrats and save the expense of casting ballots altogether.


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