Saturday, October 18, 2008

Golden Touch

Have come to Florida for Favorite & Only Nephew's fourth birthday party.

This morning F&ON came to snuggle with me (on my Aerobed, in the livingroom) and asked me to read a book to him. He brought over a beat-up "Golden Books" picture book entitled King Midas, copyright 1969, which was probably mine.

The final line of the book is: "And last of all he touched the royal sausage, and touched the royal grape juice." I am not making this up. I just about spat up on myself.


Anonymous kim (aka tia) said...

I too am with my F&ON this weekend. I too was reading him books tonight. Mom mentioned that in the very near future all our (my brother, sister, and my) books will be coming down from the attic so that we can read them with F&ON&N. All the Golden Books. All the Richard Scarey books. The Sweet Pickles Series, including Moody Moose Buttons ..... please tell me you know of Moody Moose Buttons.

Way to be an incredible uncle - although i bet in your world you're a turbo-uncle - and enjoy this precious time with your little guy.

10/18/08, 11:52 PM  
Blogger Novalis said...

Sometimes a royal sausage is just a royal sausage.

10/20/08, 1:07 PM  
Anonymous Pop said...

Who is Moody Moose Buttons?

10/24/08, 10:41 PM  

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