Monday, June 02, 2008

Musical Bedrooms

I switched bedrooms at the TurboPalace recently, from a bedroom that I consider to have bad juju to a bedroom that I consider to have bad feng shui. In my estimation, juju is more potent than feng shui. You might ask why I didn't move into the one bedroom that has neither bad juju nor bad feng shui-- reason is, that one is occupied by my housemate. That wasn't my choice, or hers, but that's just how it is.

In the process of moving bedrooms I was pleased to be getting a few yards further away from Accordion Neighbor and his Screamer Daughters (which, if I ever form rock bad, shall be its name), especially as one of the daughters seems to have developed horrible hacking asthma over the past two summers. (I feel bad for her, but more angry with A.N., as I suspect he may be the kind who does not "believe in" real doctors, and may be giving Dysentery Passion Root extract a two-year trial before he will let the kid have an albuterol inhaler)(this is all pure speculation, but I'm in the mood for it.)

In any case, even this aspect of the move didn't work out so well, because I discovered that the neighbor on the other side has a pubescent male child who is wont to come out into the from yard at 7am of a Monday morning and start croaking out showtunes at high volume. Like a finger-nail-chalkboard Ethel Mermen. The horror. I am not kidding.

Having made the decision to move to this bedroom, though, I also decided to buy a real, and bigger (queen-size), bed-- this bedroom being the only one large enough for a queen-size bed. It's coming tomorrow. Alas, yesterday, my housemate told me she's moving out and vacating the non-juju, good feng-shui room that will be too small for the new bed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Send the bed back and get a double futon for the good feng shui room?

6/2/08, 7:40 PM  
Blogger Backdated said...

Your neighbours make it sound like you're actually living *at* Green Acres. :)

As for beds, once you go queen-sized, you never go back. The best is on summer nights when the bed's so big you that you can always find a cool spot on the sheets.

6/2/08, 10:53 PM  
Blogger Claire Colvin said...

Forget the bad juju and unpleasant feng shui; clearly some darker force is at work here. What confluence of evil puts both an accordion player *and* and intoxicated lover of show tunes within hearing distance of your bedroom?? Maybe it's time to keep the bed and list the house.

Alternately, seeing as you have sufficient quantities of carbonated water at hand, perhaps there is some bubbly water ritual that could cleanse the space and let you get some rest? Could be fun just trying to work out the dosage. Maybe you could ply your neighbours with sufficient quantities of the stuff that they develop such horrendous hiccoughs that they can neither play nor sing? Then again, all that malicious intent might only worsen the juju situation.

6/5/08, 11:32 PM  

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