Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Is Nice - I Like

I know I'm supposed to boycott Massive Coffee Shop Company because of their imperialist tendencies and non-local aspect. But I do like this program they've started, in which 5lb bags of used coffee grounds are left in a bin by the door, free for the taking, to be used as compost and soil conditioners. As the MCSC is right on my walk home, I'm getting in the habit of picking up a bag most days. The 5lb weight, walking up the hill to the TurboPalace, adds a little extra exercise to my day. And as I'm currently engaged in a gardening project that demands about 600lbs of new topsoil, every 5lb bag saves me about 25 cents on that. Plus, even better, the grounds are slightly acidic (there is debate on just how acidic-- I will test soon and let you know) and this is perfect for the project, which requires getting the soil down to about pH 6. More on that soon.


Blogger brushfiremedia said...

I can give you spent brewing grains if you are interested in those. Might be brewing this weekend, about 10lbs of grain.

4/29/08, 12:39 PM  
Anonymous girltuesday said...

ooh! i just got some of those, too! (and funny thing because i neither drink coffee nor do i have a garden . . . they're for my mum).

4/29/08, 10:01 PM  
Blogger C Neal said...

Interesting, I was not aware of this program. Sounds like a pretty great arrangement.

5/5/08, 3:40 PM  
Blogger Dr. Ike said...

This post had been bothering me for a while because I have a friend who is fairly high on the corporate ladder at Starbucks and I had been under the impression from him that Starbucks is actually rather a green and socially responsible organization.

So I checked it out and found this


Starbucks is in the top 10 but interestingly, Green Mountain Roasters is #1.

So actually, their practice of offering free grounds may in fact be typical of the organization's approach, rather than an abberation.

5/10/08, 1:54 PM  

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