Sunday, April 20, 2008

Best, Worst

Was just sitting here reading the "Best Of..." results from the annual readership poll conducted by the Smallish City's independent / artsy weekly newspaper. It's mostly good news. The best parts:

Best Place To Live is my neighborhood! And not, as I tell her every day, GirlTuesday's neighborhood. But truth to tell, I only tell GT that every day because I strongly suspect that her neighborhood is, in fact, better. They have, for example, water views, a beach, tennis courts, a bike path, a cafe with fried pickles on the menu, parking unregulated by "resident permits", and a bar called The Snug.

Best Bartender is NOT the bartender with an out-of-state girlfriend who nonetheless keeps somehow winding up at one of my female friends' house late at night having "locked himself out of his apartment" and needing a place to sleep / make out.

Best Pub Quiz is the pub quiz attended by my [awesome] pub quiz team, Silent Disco. The write-up even mentions us, albeit obliquely, by saying " know one of the same few teams is going to win, every time..."

Best Breakfast Place is NOT any of my top-three favorite breakfast places, which is fantastic because it might draw the crowds somewhere else. [Another funny thing is that another breakfast place put an ad in this same edition of the paper, the copy reading in part "Best breakfast in the Smallish City!", even though they had not received that honor.]

Best Make-Out Spot is some tiny little park that I've never heard of or noticed, but you can be sure I'm going to go check it out now, and put the info in my back pocket, just in case I ever again have the inclination to "make out" with someone. [Oh yes-- I should mention that the Best Make-Out spot is in GirlTuesday's neighborhood, too. I'm not sure what my neighborhood actually has going on in its favor.}


Anonymous girltuesday said...

we do things right over in my side of town.

4/21/08, 10:11 AM  

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