Saturday, November 03, 2007

Port In A Storm

Bad choice, scheduling the hardwood floor refinishing to coincide with the biggest storm of the year in the Smallish State. The Turbopalace is uninhabitable due to furniture dislocation, extreme dust, and floors that can't be walked on. Meanwhile hurricane Noel bears north to side-swipe us with (predicted) 3-6" of rain, 60mph winds, and ocean waves of 25 feet or more. Already the sky is steely, the temperature is plummeting, and the breeze is kicking up. It's virtually certain that the bathroom ceiling will start to leak again, but I can't even get to that part of the house until tomorrow.

On the brighter side, I have taken refuge at 518's house (they're away on a trip.) I'm ensconced in front of their soapstone stove, with old steam radiators hissing in the backround. I've raided their cupboards for a toasted almond-butter sandwich and a bowl of corn chowder. Upstairs they left me clean sheets on the bed, a pile of clean towels, and even some fuzzy slippers. It's cozy and peaceful here.


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