Friday, November 09, 2007

It's Serene, But I Don't Dare Move

I’m up at Green Acres again for a few days, covering for a colleague who is on vacation. I’m borrowing his office while he’s away. I don’t know him well, but it’s clear from the décor that I am not nearly so meditative a clinician as he. As I sit at the computer, I’m actually bit fearful of moving my arms too far from the keyboard, lest I knock over one or more of the relaxation objects. From my chair here I can see:

-- Two serenity fountains (with polished stones, terraced miniature waterfalls, and bamboo spouts.)
-- Three Buddhas of varying size and material
-- 11 crystals (mostly quartz, some natural, some dyed blue or green)
-- 8 CDs of healing music (Native American, Asian, New Age, Other)
-- Three origami cranes, two origami frogs, one origami ?moose ?elk ?reindeer.
-- Three aromatherapy dispensers, four vials of aromatherapy oils (also one thing that looks like a Glade air freshener.)
-- One Japanese suiseki
-- Two bonsai trees
-- One set “Zen cards”
-- A lot of small books, neatly displayed, with titles like “Spiritual Insights from the Great Traditions”, and covers featuring lush nature photos.
-- A print of an unusual painting featuring a large pig leaping off a small dock into a bucolic pond at twilight.
-- One container of sugar-free Coffee Mate non-dairy creamer, vanilla-caramel flavor.
-- One Gund miniature stuffed duck toy.
-- And perhaps the only thing that we both own: A copy of Victor Frankl’s Man’s Search For Meaning

While writing progress notes this morning I put on the “Creative Mind System” CD, which contains music with “breakthrough audio processes” proven to “boost lateral ‘out of the box’ thinking by 20-39% in six weeks.” So far today my progress notes seem to reflect just my usual level of fabulous creativity. But maybe if I put these tunes on my iPod I’ll be coming up with really good stuff by Christmas.


Anonymous Doug said...

I wonder if he buys these things or if it has become the accepted sort of thing to buy for him. Some people get presents on the themes of mushrooms, chickens, trolls, dragons. It's tough to say enough is enough without insulting all the people who gave you the 27 dragons you already own.

11/9/07, 1:51 PM  
Blogger Brown said...

If you see a copy of "The Secret," I recommend relocating to the coffee room, or perhaps another building entirely.

11/9/07, 5:25 PM  
Blogger Ladyk73 said...

I feel almost serene now....
I think I would be less serene if I were a patient in that office.

Did you use the non-dairy creamer?

11/10/07, 12:27 AM  
Anonymous kat said...

A print of an unusual painting featuring a large pig leaping off a small dock into a bucolic pond at twilight


(This made me chuckle into my maple steamed milk; pure cow, 100% organic Canadian maple syrup)

11/10/07, 3:20 AM  

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