Friday, February 02, 2007

I Was Warm, Below The Storm

Was I away? Oh yes, I suppose I was, ever so briefly, in Tropical Island Paradise Region, visiting the family. No sailing, alas, unless you count the sunfish with a cracked hull, which sank every 30 minutes. But I took Favorite And Only Nephew (age two) on a brief kayak ride. He grabbed right on to the paddle. He will be a fine paddler when he grows up.

Also very exciting, I saw an octopus while snorkeling. I have been waiting many years to see an octopus while snorkeling. He was just swimming along, and saw me about the same time. He quickly retreated to a nook under a rock, behind a sea urchin, and curled his arms around himself. I backed up a few yards and waited. Before long, his eyes came peering up over the rock, watching me. When I moved so that the urchin blocked his view, he moved and peered around the urchin. He changed colors from tan to white to blue-ish. But he would not come out and play.


Blogger jcat said...

That's so cool....I have seen lots of little octopi while scuba diving at one spot in SA. My best ever though was diving with a group of rehabilitated trawler-caught dolphins. They all had a choice of staying in a large netted area or going out to sea every day, so there was never any guarantee that you would meet any, but I was lucky enough to have a pair come to play with us. Awesome...

2/3/07, 11:56 AM  

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