Thursday, February 01, 2007


Case in point: This morning a new admission arrived at Green Acres. The staff who checked her in took away her chapstick, but let her keep her cigarettes.

Later in the day a nurse called me regarding a different patient. Apparently she (patient) had lit her hair on fire during a smoke break. She's quite disorganized and I guess her hair was just hanging in her face while she smoked. But God forbid she might have had chapstick on her lips at the same time-- it's probably quite flammable.


Blogger ClinkShrink said...

I saw someone stick a tube of chapstick up his nose once.

Unfortunately, it was the psychologist.

Good to see you back.

2/1/07, 8:59 PM  
Blogger jcat said...

Glad you are back, hope you were away having fun during the looooong gap!
I think the word verification might be longer than my whole comment...

2/2/07, 12:54 PM  

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