Sunday, April 09, 2006

Tax Break

Today 517 and I had tentative plans to go for the the season's third "last day of skiing", but he got involved in activities with future in-laws and I remembered I had a kayak in the cellar.

Actually I was sort of shamed into going out for a paddle by GeoGeek. It's hard to sit down here in the tropics and say it's too cold to kayak, while the Canadians are already out on the water. Then again, they are the largest single exporter of oil to the United States, so-- wait, that doesn't have anything to do with it.

The point is, the kayak went in the drink today. It was just slightly breezy at the TurboPalace, but the wind was pretty stiff out on Smallish Harbor. Nice little whitecaps, waves slopping over the deck. After a winter of lower-body exercise, the paddle felt like lead. Maybe I was tired from engine-moving, too. And my wetsuit is two sizes too small, which makes it hard to move at all. But in spite of all that, dipping hands into the water and feeling the rock and glide of a little boat made me smile.

Too much spray to take the camera out on the sea today, but someone requested a photo of the vessel. This will have to do. Now, back to the taxes/warmongering.


Anonymous Johanna said...

It's very pretty, the turboyak.
But if that's snow in the picture and you didn't use photoshop to put it there, you are hard core. And have fun war-mongering, but I paddled right up to a warship today! And over top of an oil pipeline. And near the country's biggest steel mills. Somehow, I suspect my day would have had me arrested in other parts of the world, instead of breezily waved at by people on shore.

4/9/06, 7:25 PM  

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