Saturday, April 08, 2006

Big Heavy Things, Part I

Sometimes, after a week of cerebral work, your brain just hurts. When this happens, the only antidote is moving some big heavy thing.

Friend 517 has a minor mental health issue which causes him to buy multiple barely-running or non-running Saabs. One such Saab is in his garage with a "bad" engine and transmission. A reputedly "good" engine and transmission was waiting at the Saab Engine Repository (his parents shed). A transplant was ordered. Step one was moving the donor engine back to the Smallish City. Lucky for me, I was invited along.

We borrowed 1's truck, a come-along, some chain, stout planks, plywood, and wooden rollers. We managed to move the beast without losing too many fingers. We also went to the dump, and as payment for my services I was able to throw away my high school era skis and boots for no charge.

Now, the procrastinating ends and I go upstairs to do my taxes.


Anonymous Johanna said...

Please define "loosing too many fingers" - what is the allowable number of fingers lost for moving a functioning engine block? is this number higher or lower than the number of allowable fingers lost moving, say, an outboard onto a boat?

4/8/06, 8:34 PM  
Anonymous Co-Chief said...

Ah yes, taxes. That yearly debate one faces, trying to integrate the frustration associated with funding a government we don't approve and the realization that we face cold hard jail time if we don't...

4/9/06, 1:24 AM  
Anonymous hilllady said...

"a minor mental health issue which causes him to buy multiple barely-running or non-running Saabs"

I've noticed this syndrome before. My boss suffers from it, as do others in my acquaintance. I've often wondered why the disorder centers so specifically around Saabs, to the exclusion of all other vehicles. Are there viable noninvasive treatment options? (This could be the topic of your book, you know.)

4/9/06, 11:59 AM  

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