Sunday, October 12, 2008

Components Of The "New Frugality"

1) No more store-bought cat toys for Max (not really a hardship-- he prefers leftover foam weatherstripping.)
2) Turn off the hot water burner when I'm not using it (has already become a habit.)
3) Seal off the kitchen as winter "bunker", with insulated curtains in the doorways (have already put the sofa in the kitchen.)
4) Cancel tentative plans for sailing in the islands this winter.
5) No ski pass.
6) Not going to fix the dent in the Subaru.
7) Start using the breadmaker again.
8) Sign up for Clynk
9) Start growing vegetables in my lead-infested yard, so I can feed them to my kids, if any, thus ensuring that they (kids) will not get into college.
10) Give up lattes (okay, some parts of this "New Frugality" are clearly far-fetched.)
11) Start brewing my own beer again?
12) Give up the idea of building a roof-deck, for now.
13) Try again to get the city to review the (outrageous) property valuation for the TurboPalace. Change name to TurboShed, first.
14) No miniature electric Vespa scooter for Favorite And Only Nephew this birthday (sorry, guy-- we'll have to find other ways for you to be as cool as Uncle Turbo.)
15) Cut back on spice use.


Blogger Rach said...

I've given up on the idea of giving up my latte addiction. Some addictions are just meant to be held on to, no matter what the status of the economy.

10/12/08, 5:42 PM  
Blogger Dragonfly said...

I live in Australia, where the effects have not been felt so far.
Regarding lattes (or flat whites/espressos in my case), there are no coffee places within walking distance of where I live (having moved this year to a regional/rural city), decent coffee is 10 minutes drive away and good coffee 15 minutes away. Neither are close to the hospital where I spend my time (walking distance from where I live) so I have taken to grinding good quality beans and taking plunger coffee in a thermos. I miss the city coffee culture though...

On the point of spices however...this may not be good economy. First of all, some people say that they eat less of heavily spiced food. Second, some spices have significant health benefits (i.e. tumeric being cardioprotective etc). Thirdly, some people argue that hotter countries originally used spices to cover the taste of erm, dubious meat. Always a good thing in a disaster scenario when people turn to eating roadkill and stray dogs!

10/12/08, 8:54 PM  

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