Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Mental Economy

The Wall Street Journal ran a good article this morning on relationship between economic and mental depression (discussed in these pages last week.) Scary, overall.

But please-- don't get too many ideas from the scenario in the article, where Ms. Jones negotiated her psychiatrist's fee from $180 a session to $5. I mean, most of us aren't in this business as a hobby while we are fabulously independently wealthy on the side. And $5 doesn't even cover the malpractice insurance I need to buy to see you for an hour.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ms Jones thought she got a great deal paying on a sliding scale, she actually boasted to all her friends, about the "Gullable Doc" who'd agreed to let her pay
"just what she could afford."
She's laughing on the other side of her face now,
I heard she she won the lottery last week.
(I may have made that up)

10/7/08, 1:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's a little irresponsible of them to include the $5 fee in the article, because people really will begin to expect that. If you can only afford $5, see a social worker at your local CMHC.

10/8/08, 10:36 AM  

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