Friday, March 30, 2007

Happy Day (A Green Acres Interlude)

[Scene: The conference room, 8 a.m. Several staff are waiting for morning meeting to start. There are two boxes of donuts on the table. Dr. Turbo walks in.]

Staff #1: Happy Doctors’ Day! I got you guys donuts!

Dr. Turbo: Oh, thanks—that’s really nice of you.

Staff #2: Wait a minute-- it’s not “Doctors’ Day"! It’s Social Work Day!

Dr. Turbo: Actually it’s Social Work Week right now. They get the whole week. We just get a day. They happen to overlap.

Staff #1: The nurse from the clinic is having cake for the doctors at 11:00…

Staff #3: …but you can’t go, because you have a treatment team meeting.

Staff #1: And the administration is having punch and cookies for you at 1:00…

Staff #2: … but you can’t go, because you have a new admission coming then.

Staff #1: So anyway, Happy Doctors’ Day!


Blogger jcat said...

oh well....hope you enjoyed the doughnut at least!

3/31/07, 2:02 PM  

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