Tuesday, March 20, 2007

This One Goes to 200

At Green Acres, the nurses and other staff commonly record patients’ mealtime eating in form of a percentage—for example, “Client ate 100% of breakfast”, or “Client picked at his lunch, ate 50%”, or “Client said supper looked like feces, ate 0%.”

This morning, however, I found an entry reading “Client ate 200% of his dinner.” There’s only one way I can see this happening, and it’s not pretty.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny and disturbing--nice. I would say there's two ways, both not pretty, but one decidedly worse.

3/20/07, 3:55 PM  
Blogger jcat said...

Unless that's just a polite way of saying that Client thought dinner was so good that he forcefully apropriated round #2 from his neighbour!

3/21/07, 11:52 AM  

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