Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Urban Mountaineering V (But Who's Counting?)

Tonight I went to the gym to simulate an ascent of Mt. Washington on the StairMaster. That contsitutes 3,588 vertical feet (assuming an approach via the Ammonoosuc Ravine-- it's a little longer from Pinkham Notch). For those unfamiliar with our mountains, that is roughly 3.6 Eiffel Towers. On the StairMaster, this equals 4,305 ten-inch steps, or 269 "flights" of 16 stairs.

The task was surprisingly easy, and clearly needs to be made harder to approximate the actual effort of climbing Washington. I wonder if the other gym-goers would object if I wore my heavy winter climbing boots and a 30lb backpack. I suspect someone might call Homeland Security.

Thanks to girltuesday, Shrink or Fade's in-house legal counsel, for coming along to prevent any liability issues. The gym is a dangerous place. I feel safer in the mountains.


Anonymous girltuesday said...

next week: everest.

12/7/06, 10:12 AM  

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