Thursday, November 16, 2006


One of the staff at GA was asking about the miseries of my last sailing expedition (Smallish Staters are inately interested in all maritime topics.) “Was the boat going like this?”, he asked, making a up-and-down pitching motion with his hand. “Yes,” I said, “and also like this” (making a violent rolling motion) “and like this” (making a horrid yawing motion) “and sometimes even like this” (trying to demonstrate pitching, rolling and yawing motions all at once.)

“Well Dr. Turbo,” said our Peer Support Counselor, who was listening in, “now you know what it feels like on the roller coaster of mental illness.”

And I have to say, she probably has a point, if you can analogize physical to mental disorientation. Was that the point of going on that voyage? I sure hope it had some point.


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