Friday, December 29, 2006

Update On Staff Holiday Gift

Shrink or Fade thanks all readers who sent creative suggestions on what I should give my hospital ward staff for Christmas. In the end, I put together a big box containing 25lbs of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee (a ward favorite), 50 packets of hot chocolate, and several boxes of “Tension Tamer” tea.

The gift seemed to go over well—particularly the coffee. Some staffers were seen scurrying away with the gold-colored DD bags, to “put them in a safe place”, in a fashion that reminded an onlooker of Gollum with his Precious. In a move that I did not particularly condone, the Day shift secreted roughly 15 pounds of coffee for itself, allocating 5lbs each to the Evening and Night shifts.

A review of the kitchen stores this morning revealed that the coffee is being rapidly consumed. A few of the hot chocolates have disappeared. The “Tension Tamer” boxes, however, remain in their plastic wrappers.


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