Monday, September 18, 2006

Once More Into The Breech

Fade time has come to an end again. It was back to Green Acres for me this morning. The first 30 minutes of each day is Nursing Report, where we hear what happened overnight. Here’s what it sounded like this morning:

“She was testing limits, hypersexual, kissed [Mr. X], sleeping only in naps, believes she’s leaving today… Won’t take his medications until someone buys him cigarettes, took a fork from the cafeteria and brought it back under his shirt… Asked the nurse if he could masturbate in front of her, punched the fire extinguisher box, ice placed on his hand, x-rays negative… Up all night, now asleep, doesn’t want to see his mother… Agitated, hitting into the air, screaming, turned the picnic table over, threw his mattress down the hall… Blood sugar elevated to 260 after she had a Blizzard from Dairy Queen and sugar in her coffee, stable behavior… Refused lab draw for the sixth time, hasn’t had a shower in five days so he wasn’t allowed on the van ride, then slamming doors screaming, eventually got in the shower… Isolative, irritable, told [Mr. Z] “I’m going to kick your ass”, Sunday only got out of bed for meals… Has a rock that she brought in from the yard, says she will cut herself with it unless she gets cigarettes… Threatened to “flip out” in the smoking yard so he could get injectable medications, harassing a girl by telephone and her parents called to complain… Stable, pleasant interactions, went on the van ride… Offered his Mental Health Worker a blow job for money… Sleeping well, complained that her husband calls her too often, has run out of cigarettes… Up all night delusional about the mob and CIA, no bath in five days, foul language, filling out grievance forms against several staff… Very agitated, demanding a female Mental Health Worker, grabbed nurse on her buttock, made suicidal statements, stood in room and peed on his blanket… Helpful, doing his job in the kitchen, ready to go as soon as housing is ready for him…”


Blogger Will said...

Reminds me of the brief I had to respond to where the guy alleged that the CIA had masturbated him and stolen his sperm.
Ahhh the good old days.

9/18/06, 3:42 PM  

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