Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Great Vodka Taste-Off

I’ve been converted, over the past couple years, to vodka tonics (from gin). I’ve been wondering how much difference there really is between cheap vodka and expensive, fancy-shape-bottle vodka. So I procured a bottle of Kettle One (roughly $1.20/oz) and a bottle of Fleischman’s “Royal” Vodka (28¢/oz). The other night when Co-Chief and P.O.I. were over, we had a taste-off. Co-Chief is a known martini drinker, so I was particularly interested in his opinion.

I distracted the participants by telling them that we had three brands of vodka in the house—pricey, cheap, and middle-of-the-road—and presented them with three numbered glasses containing an ounce or so of vodka. In actuality, however, one glass contained Kettle One, and the other two contained Fleischman’s.

P.O.I. tasted each and wrote down her rank order. Co-Chief took longer, focusing on the “nose” and after-effects of each sample. I closed my eyes and sipped from each, with P.O.I. recording my rankings (since I knew there were only two vodkas, I tried hard to make my list consistent with the fact.)

Here, then, are the results.


Best: Fleischman’s
Middle: Fleischman’s
Worst: Kettle One


Best: Fleischman’s
Middle: Kettle One
Worst: Fleischman’s


Best: Fleischman’s
Middle: Kettle One
Worst: Fleischman’s

Discussion: It seems impossible to pick out expensive vodka from cheap vodka.
Implication: I will save a lot of money over my lifetime.
Confession: I’ll probably decant the Fleischman’s into a Grey Goose bottle so guests will feel pampered by the label.


Anonymous Co-Chief said...

I may be a known martini drinker, but I never made the switch from Gin to Vodka.

9/6/06, 7:20 PM  
Anonymous Martina Sanchez said...

This blog is very interesting. In reality it is difficult to identify between cheap and expensive vodka. Sometimes you get better quality of vodka than expensive one, so only by price range you cannot say that this is good or bad vodka. I like to enjoy good quality vodka with my favorite Cuban Cigars, which I buy online.

9/16/09, 10:34 AM  

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