Friday, August 04, 2006

Once More To The Bridge

Following a few days with old friends on a rocky island, I rolled back across the Eggemoggin Reach bridge yesterday, not quite two years from the time I mentioned it in this blog’s first post. The last time, on the bridge, there was fog, and a peregrine falcon at the apex. This year there was no fog. And no falcon.

I’m not sure if I’m back yet. I may just be stopping in for another visit. You’ve learned to expect this sort of thing from me by now, I imagine. My days at Green Acres came to an end, again, and I’ll be fading for the next few weeks, at least. I had hoped to take Sandra Lee up the coast, but her engine is still overheating, and the part that’s needed for the fix was supposed to arrive a week ago but seems to be lost in the mail, and the people who knew how to ship it properly were on vacation when I ordered it, and the people who know where it is today are on vacation now, and so I’m sitting in the Smallish City trying to make a plan. And wondering where the find-a-boat-and-sail-around-the-world dream (est. 1997) dissipated to. Having a boat is really only a practical venture if you sell your house, car, and cat and move aboard. I’m not sure why I’m holding on to the house and car. 9 was not expected to live this long, and does not seem interested in the sailing life.

I suppose there’s a lot I could talk about. Some of it funny, like the bag of “natural hickory chips” I bought the other day (for barbeque flavoring) which came with a label advising that “this product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, infertility and birth defects.” Some of it more serious. Much of it not in keeping with the tradition of this blog, and so, left unwritten.

But I hope everyone is happy and hale. See you soon, more than likely.


Anonymous hilllady said...

Come back whenever you're ready. May your hiatus lead you to grow and shine.

8/4/06, 2:16 PM  
Anonymous hilllady said...

Also, apropos of nothing, were you aware that your very first post has garnered some fascinating spam?

8/4/06, 2:18 PM  
Blogger Katinka said...

Great pics...the last image is especially beautiful!

May there be joy and many good adventures for you ahead.

8/5/06, 4:37 AM  
Anonymous girltuesday said...

hurrah! you're back.

8/7/06, 9:51 AM  
Anonymous girltuesday said...

(well, almost back. but hurrah nonetheless.)

does california know something that the rest of the u.s. does not? was perusing über preppy catalogue the other day and noticed some fancy expensive shoes trimmed in snakeskin. these shoes were available from üpc to ship anywhere BUT california.

8/7/06, 10:04 AM  

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