Friday, May 12, 2006

Seriously Not Right

I'm just back from a Friday afternoon break to the Green Acres snack vending machine. Recently, by Administration fiat, most of the candy bars were removed from the machine (an attempt to improve patient nutrition). Evidently, that left some vacancies for new items.

So what's appeared in place of the candy bars are three varieties of "Madhouse Munchies" brand potato chips. I am so not joking. They have on the front a graphic depicting a "crazy" crooked house with "wacky" off-kilter fence and two "insane" eyes peering out from the darkened front door. On the back of the bag, it reads "Call us crazy? Sure. Just don't call us your average potato chip!"

It's hard for me to imagine how anyone thought it was appropriate to order these for a mental hospital. But, truthfully, it's about typical for the decisions made around here. And, they're pretty good chips, too.


Anonymous adrift At Sea said...

I guess that the self-esteem of the patients doesn't really matter as long as they're eating healthy.

5/13/06, 1:28 AM  
Blogger Turboglacier said...

UPDATE: I sent an email about this issue to Administration, and received an immediate reply agreeing with me. This is perhaps the first time Administration has actually gone on record as being in agreement with me.

Shortly thereafter, I heard a social worker thundering down the hallway outside my office, yelling "THEY JUST TOOK ALL THE POTATO CHIPS OUT OF THE VEDNING MACHINE BECAUSE SOME IDIOT COMPLAINED ABOUT THEM!"

In five years at Green Acres, I believe this may be the most direct impact I've ever had on a problem.

5/13/06, 7:32 AM  
Anonymous Johanna said...

What I don't get is the part where potato chips are healthy, but chocolate bars are not?

Heard a snippet on the radio explaining that one of the school boards around here has decided to remove all pop from vending machines in elementary schools, replacing with juice and "energy drinks". Someone should read a nutritional label on those energy drinks...

Regardless, your entry - which I read back at my desk after a post-work beer yesterday, and after which I looked up the chips on the web because I suspected you *were* making it up, and after which I concluded that they *did* sound rather tasty - made me check the hallway outside my office to see if a vending machine hadn't magically appeared, because *I* wanted chips. Even inappropriately titled ones...

5/13/06, 9:06 AM  

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