Monday, March 20, 2006

Shrink or FLAde... or Glade... or Dade...

Well, I’ve done it. I bought a plane ticket to a place so foreign, so strange, so entirely antithetical to my nature, that I can’t even come up with a decent pseudonym for it. I will just have to tell you where it is. I am having trouble spitting the word out. I am going to, I am going to—Florida.

Yes, there you have it. The land of flatness, of tepid waters, of sinkholes, Space Mountain, loopy roller coasters, Miami Vice, South Beach, multi-million-dollar beachfront high-rise condos, ‘gator wrastling, and—now—Favorite And Only Brother, Favorite And Only Sister-In-Law, and Favorite And Only Nephew. It is peculiar that the two brothers in my family have migrated thus along the east coast—one to within 100 miles of the northern edge of the country, the other to within 100 miles of the southern edge. Honest, we really do like each other.

But it worries me that FAON may grow to grade-school age without ever seeing snow. I was in Open All Night Outdoors Store the other day, saw a fantastic futuristic sled, and had the sudden urge to purchase it for FAON—only to remember that, even if you could sled on sand, you’d be hard pressed to find a big enough hill in Florida. But I’m going to see what life is like, and also to see what I can do to improve FAON’s table manners (see photo below) (Nota bene: the presence of this one image does NOT mean that Shrink or Fade is becoming a "baby blog".)

Also as part of the expedition I will be visiting a few days with blogger extraordinaire Stay of Execution, who is in Florida training her sailors. Sounds like she is having an intense time; I’ll have to try not to be in the way. I’m hoping to learn what makes sailboat racers tick—that is, why they prefer to go round and round in circles at high speed, instead of lighting out straight across an ocean at low speed (Turboglacier’s preferred sailing style.)

Stay tuned for more from the land of rust-free convertibles.

FAON, A.K.A. the
Flying Spaghetti Monster incarnate


Blogger Katinka said...

Hmmm....SOF, a baby your biological clock ticking, TG?

(btw, that's the only way to eat spaghetti)

3/20/06, 6:18 PM  

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