Thursday, March 09, 2006

New Reads

While I was away, a new magazine has appeared in the bathroom here at the Turbopalace. Next to the usual copies of "Good Old Boat" and the MountainGear catalog, there are now two copies of "Lucky: The Magazine of Shopping". I am not making this up: there is a magazine of shopping. I wonder which roommate is purchasing this...

Also, I should note that the subtitle is a bit misleading. The magazine is not about ALL shopping. For example, there is nothing in it about buying ice axes, or sailboat parts, or anything useful like that. It seems mostly to be about shoes.


Blogger girl MD said...

Lucky is also about shopping for clothes. Lots of shoes, but clothes galore. I'm guessing the perpetrator is not the crunchy roommate, but the one who wears fur.

3/14/06, 6:30 PM  

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